Friday, December 10, 2010

What is a WAHM Grab?

WAHM grab is the newest evolution in the concept of sample packages. In the past, these packages have contained a hodge podge of samples that many customers couldn't use. What is someone who has never sewn in her life going to do with a sample of fold over elastic? What is someone who couldn't tell you the difference between crochet and knit going to do with a yarn sample? And maybe the most important question, why would a WAHM want to donate her time and money to this project?

To solve the problem of unusable products, we will be offering two different grab bags. The first will be for those who LOVE shopping at WAHM shops. Depending on the month, 20 or more samples placed in the bag along with codes you can use if you choose to purchase full size items. Every 3 months, we will do a drawing from the customers who purchase full size items and the winner will receive a grab bag of full size items from participating shops.

The second bag will be geared towards WAHMs. It will contain samples of supplies and wholesale items.

In addition to collecting the samples and handling the packing and shipping, we will also be administering this blog and a Facebook fan page where we will be highlighting the participating WAHMs and their stores. We will work on creating effective marketing techniques that will benefit everyone.

If you would like more information, please email me at wahmgrab [at]